Need a Modeler!

Hello, I wanted to see if anyone is up for this job, we are creating a TTT server but, its on our customized map aswell as our custom models, but our modeler has life issues and wasen’t able to make the last model that we needed, what we need is an ELF model, like a christmas elf! if anyone is interested please add me on steam or PM me here on FacePunch! we are willing to pay $$$

My Steam -

ok that’ll be 155 dollars
5 extra for spelling corrections

Death_God, that is some really high quality work you got there! Well done :smiley:

Indeed. Death_God sure knows what he is doing.

Whoa Death_God!

That is the best piece of work i’ve seen in a long time!

I’m in need of a modeler I will definalty consider you

Death_God, that’s even better than Valve’s work. But the thing you did the best was the fingers.

I’m glad you all had your fun, but seriously… i need a modeler.

Try the modelling section? You aren’t going to get a serious response in the Garry’s Mod section.

Your rejecting Death_God? Shame on you. I already hired him 10 times.