Need a modeller (Payed work)

Hello chaps,

I’m looking for a modeller to do some work for me.

I essentially want the model used in CSS for the AK47 to be made into a dual weapon. So the player holds dual AK47’s.

What I want

-Dual weapon model world and view model
-Reload animations
-Decent reload sound
-Needs to be done by June

I can pay this modeller £15 via paypal. I’m willing to compromise on the price.
Portfolio work is preferable :slight_smile:

( Payment process ) We will discuss what work I want done, see if you’re able to do it. You’ll keep me posted on your progress, you’ll show a video of the work completed. I’ll pay you via paypal, you’ll send me the model :slight_smile:

If you have further questions, please ask away. I’m very keen to get this model made for my game mode. (releasing in June)



How peoples can reload their AK’s if it was in each hand without drop it down? And Ak’s is really difficult to hold on when it burst with two hand, what about one? And third part you mean 150£ for this work?

Hmm well I said the price can change, but its up to whom ever can do the work really. I just want the model made :slight_smile:

I’ve paid a few guys in the past for this exact work with different weapon models and they didn’t seem to have much trouble and I paid them £15, too bad their busy with exams or I’d ask them.

But yea back on topic. I’d like to get someone to do and it there is a 70% chance of follow on work after this.