Need a modeller!

Hello FP community. I am the current modeller for a WIP gamemode called “The 7 Hour War”, thread is linked below. I joined the production team during Christmas break. The month I had off school gave me time to model a couple of weapons for the project, as well as a Combine Synth I designed called the Combine Leviathan. However, with school back up again, I simply don’t have the free time much less motivation after classes to do any more models. My free time now is devoted to winding down with videogames or spending time with my fiance. So for the time being, our project leader CGNick is on the market for anyone who’s a decent modeller. If you want to join the team either: contact CGNick OR make a post with some pix of your previous modelling endeavors in the thread linked below. I appreciate your time and attention. Peace out!