NEED a new tutorial/FAQ.

So admins made progress and updated the game a lot. That’s fantastic, and I’m really happy. But so much shit has been changed and I don’t know where to start.

It was true months ago that when you died, you lost ammo, metal, and all but your first belt slot item. I got PKed, and lost EVERYTHING except a few guns. No portion of ammo or resources. Absolutely nothing? Why? Where’s the documentation? Why was it changed? Is this even intended?

It was also true that workbenches were everywhere, and you needed them to craft… It took me 30 minutes for someone to mention the new crafting, and I finally found the craft button. I spent those 30 minutes searching irradiated towns for a workbench just to be able to make new ammo.

So many gameplay changes, so little documentation or support. I lost a lot of stuff and wasted lots of time because I was uninformed. It is very hard to play.

Well, I see what you mean, but after seeing that there was little information upon your return, you should have checked on Youtube or something. Things obviously change in months’ time.

Check it.

When the hell was there a wiki? :expressionless:

Started like a week ago