Need a pigmask player model

Can anyone make a pigmask player model for me? id love it if they could


The Chimerahunt gamemode has a pigmask model, that might be a good starting point.

yes but i dont no how to make player models so im asking if any one could

I’m not sure if you can. I’ve seen the pigmask models, and you need it to fit the HL2 skeleton for it to be a playermodel. You’d have to stretch it out, and it wouldn’t look all that nice.

Just make new animations and use it’s current skeleton.

His video on youtube says he is 9, he shouldn’t be on this forum anyways, it’ll spoil him.

i disagree i may be under age but i should have the right to be on the form

First of all, being on the forum isn’t a right. Second, being under age isn’t a problem, as long as you don’t act like a child.

look this isnt a form arguein if i should be here or not

It isn’t, but be warned, most of this forum doesn’t like children.

thx for advice

What the hell is pigmask

hello pling

a pigmask is a soldier from the game Mother 3 or earthbound 2,

they are dressed up in pig clothes

Kid! Images please! and to help you, use and search us up a picture. Also, if you want to be respected on the Forum then use Grammar.

arghh, this is not a global chat room, i just want a pigmask player model

and please stop using abbreviated text like LOL or Kthxbai. Please speak in proper english.

my forum my abbreviated language and this is english


and also im going to say this one more time, THIS IS NOT A CHATROOM

How is this your forum in any way?

We’re only trying to help. Posting a picture of a pigmask will offer someone who wants to do this some sort of idea to start on. As for the grammar, not only does it improve your real grammar, it’s polite, and people won’t feel like they’re filling out requests for some rude child.