Need a remodeling of a addon of mine

I’m looking for someone to do some remodeling of my addon, Chris Roads model. Its based on the TF2 alternate Sniper skin hexed that Jason278 did. Reason I ask for a remodeling, is that from close up and at a medium distance, the model looks fine. But then at far, the hat and the glasses show in a black texture, as well as the 4 rounds on the chest. Link to the addon I made below:

The parts I want removed is the bullets on the from of the model, the Hat, Glasses, and the Quiver on the back. Im wanting to make 2nd version of my Chris Roads model, but the 4 I listed would need to be removed, they show up for some reason. If you make a VTF and VMT for it, even better, from there I can edit the the VTF. Also making another character to go with the story of Chris Roads.