Need a restriction system!

I’ve been using ASSMod for months, with my listen server. But few days ago, it has disappeared from Workshop. I’ve commented several discussions about that but still no help; also searched on no help again, like if the guy who uploaded it to workshop would’ve fixed it himself. I had installed ULX, but sadly, it provides restrictions only for commands. Not even tools, not even weapons. I found URestrict is discontinued and that URS is not working properly at all.

So I am asking you guys, how do you restrict stuff on your sandbox servers? Could you provide me the addon you’re using for that, or do everyone program it himself, so is the knowledge of Lua a necessity? I need to restrict basically everything- tools, entities, weapons, vehicles, SCars and props, mainly explosive and huge ones. But I would be absolutely fine with at least the first 3 working.

I’m about to start learning Lua these holidays by the way, but I need to know where to begin, so if you have a tutorial or few tips, please do tell!

I liked using Exsto when I didn’t have my own. It’s got a really nice gui and stuff.

Sorry for saying that URS is not working, by reading few coments written by lazy workshop-download-only people. I’ve installed the newest svn version and it works flawlessly. I just can’t restrict Insurgency weps and scars, but that’s a little problem because i’m uninstalling Insurgency. But if someone know how to restrict the scars then please do tell!

I’m confused… mine doesn’t work… but it works flawlessly?

I updated my ulx and ulib