Need a scripter

First thing is i need some help for making a code that kicks people for spamming props, same as the one in ASS mod.

If possible could it work with ULX thank you

Wrong section, check the one under this one. ‘Requests’
Also, title should be Auto-Spam Kicker.

ULX has a plugin that does just that.

How would i add this plugin??


Like i copy it then paste into scite then name it as?? and place it where??

It goes in your addons folder, you need ulib and ulx installed also.

K so once you save it as Aspam.lua just place in addons

yes i know im a real dumb shit

no you unzip the and take the folder that comes out and place it in your addons directory.

Oh no, the text in the bottom is a sample!


Ohhhh i see what your looking at. The text in the box is a config examle, you need to register to the site to see the download link at the bottom. I’m allready logged in so I though it was just showing up but its gone for guests.

Clicking this might bypass the registration.

Ah tank you lol

mcd1992, you are a helpful member, thank you for contributing to the community.

Yes he is very help full i been looking around and he has helped alot of people :slight_smile: thank you once again

Now the mods can just lock this thread before the shitposting starts!