need a security harness

I’m french (sorry for the bad english) and firefighter.
For making educational movies, i use the software “iclone 5”.(
I need for a movie a security harness for work on roof, like this :

(i found this model on turbosquid, but is too expensive !)
I try to make it in blender, but i’m very bad modeler.
If anyone can help me ?

This is not a request for garry’s mod.
Hence you might succeed somewhere else.

exorade are you like mentally retarded? not everyone here models for garry’s mod you know. infact I’m sure there is someone to help him out.

This model is too expensive? You serious?

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Wait, you mean the price…

yes this model is very expensive : $ 150 for the entire model, and I just need the harness.
Maybe can found this on a game character ?
or may be a talented modder could get modelize it in 3ds max (or other software)…
I can pay for this (at a reasonable price…)
thank for your help

what a problem ??

How exactly did you come to that conclusion?

you assume that this section is for garrys mod infact if you actually read the OP aswell he needs it for something else. This section isn’t just subjected to only gmod. If you noticed most of the models created are not made for gmod because their mostly hi-poly which source can not handle