Need a serous RP Gamemode!

I am looking for a Serous RP gamemode that is ‘free’ to download and use, I really would like the get a Phase Four style type, Phase Fours HUD just amazed me an how well it makes everything look. I liked how easy it was to learn in-game, but its a ***** to set up. If anyone knows of any gamemodes that work an are easy to put up an modify that would be great.

*Gamemode that doesn’t require MySQL.

*I have tried Tiramisu 2 an did not like it.

Villoux TeamSpeak Server:

Then just fucking get Phase Four.

You want it to look like Phase Four then just get it or pay for somebody to make something like it.

hi guyz i wnt a srver bu i dotn wna set it up11!!! halp1!!!

do it 4 fre n yull get admin C:

Spend a couple of hours messing around with the Tiramisu 2 code, it’s what I did and haven’t looked back.

Darkrp is ur only choise.

Add me, I’ll help you set it up.

If you’re a dumb brat with your parent’s credit card I’ll make you one for the low price of $500.

*You and everyone else who inevitably leaks it from you. DDoS bandwidth fees not included.

Why so serious ?


Hey I went onto your teamspeak 3 server to help you get setup and then this happens:

Ehem, wasn’t your last thread closed?



That community of his going to inevitably fail.

What about carlrp?
The gamemode is not going to be given out. So they say…

What is with all of the hate? This person came asking for help and all you guys do is bully him. Everybody starts out somewhere, he’s never going to learn anything if you act like little kids and poke fun because he’s asking for genuine advice.

tuff love