Need a server hoster for a network.

Hello, I am talking on behalf of a team of people who are looking to create a Garrys Mod network of custom coded servers. We’d like to invite you Nitrous Networks to this new venture, basically we want to partner up with a server hosting company who can provide free servers to us that we can code and maintain. Now you may ask what comes out of it for you? You will get constant advertisments off the website, forums and in game; recognised as one of the founders of the network. We’d love to hear what you think.

If you need to contact me you can here,

Steam: [LP] Moses
Skype: jacklewis1337

Show what you have coded so far, show progress, show anything.

What’d you want to see?

A portfolio of your teams work

HUD.Width = 400
HUD.Height = 125

HUD.X = “left” – left / center / right
HUD.Y = “bottom”; – bottom / center / top

HUD.HealthColor = Color(255, 0, 0, 150)
HUD.ArmorColor = Color(0, 150, 255, 150)

HUD.ShowLicenseWanted = true – true / false

HUD.Wallet = “Wallet”
HUD.Salary = “Salary”
HUD.Health = “Health”
HUD.Armor = “Armor”

HUD.License1= “No License”
HUD.License2= “License”

HUD.Wanted1 = “Not Wanted”
HUD.Wanted2 = “Wanted”

This is the HUD I made, will get a little more soon

We want to see the output not the code…

I already host servers for free, how many slots would you need on each server?

Wrong thread