Need a server hoster

Hello, i want to start up my own darkrp server and i know how to do all the code! But i cant find a server hoster. Many good ones that i have found are out of stock. Please tell me some good ones what aren’t out of stock! Either this or get a VPS.

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I’d go for a VPS anyway.

I need a uk hoster just saying

elpishost do EU host, but its in germany

I suggest trying NFOserver. They even include free web hosting and a voice server with the purchase of a game server.

I thought NFO were USA only?

I think they have one located in London i will have to check. There aren’t a lot of UK hosts these days.

You won’t be disappointed.

Look at that self-promotion. << cheapest prices i’ve ever seen.

You can test out how reliable the server is too on my server

He’s looking for a gmod server, witch they don’t sell. is a good option : (30%off) cupon for 30% off all orders.
Cheapest ever specially with 30%off price :open_mouth:

Otherwise and is cheap and high uptime too.

There is, as in any of the dozen of these threads we get monthly, only 3 choices.

  1. NFO if you expect twats to attack you and want amazing performance, customer service and support.
    NFO key point being the outstanding network protection.

  2. Elpis, similar price structure as NFO and equally as great performance, service and support.
    Elpis key point being more gmod orientated support.

  3. Any of the idiotic cheap flooded crap you find the bunch of 1-10 post idiots posting in these type of threads. They’re cheap, miserable and lag like fuck over 10 players.
    Idiotic cheap flooded crap key point being the cheap crap price.

As with most things you pay for what you get, this is true specifically with service hosting.

Also, NFO are US currently. Elpis have EU but not sure about UK.
You really should NOT aim for a UK host, there is simply no reason. Anywhere in Europe with a decent network will see only around a 10 or so latency spike and a much higher player count for games such as gmod.

I was about to go with vilayer but decided to do some background checks, apparently their customer service is the possibly the worst in the business, of course there are good and bad reviews, it’s about 50/50, not sure if I want to take that risk.

In regards to servON, they only have one VPS package and don’t sell individual game servers, can anyone with a little knowledge in regards to VPS’s tell me if this is good enough to run garrysmod?

1 CPU3.2GHZ+
500 GB HDD Storage
Unlimited Premium Traffic
1000 MBit Port
Enterprise Supermicro Hardware
SolusVM Powered
99.99% Uptime Guarantee

Price: $20

Good / Bad anyone?


Well buying it doesn’t seem to be an option, clicking ‘buy now’ just refreshes the page.

Get a dedi. SRCDS doesn’t run well in virtual machines, and Game Server Providers charge you for things that you can do youself. If you knew what you were doing, getting a Dedi would provide you with a reliable host, no slot cap, and Direct access.

I am guess that, by your grammar, and also that you want to run DarkRP without substantial knowledge of garrysmod, you are too young to understand the fundementals in server hosting.

If you are confident to be self reliant, go with an ovh dedicated server, Else, get something from a GSP.

SRCDS runs perfectly well if you have a dedicated core.

While not advised, you can run 1 medium populated server on:
Single core: Capable for 1-3 game servers or intense website.
One full, dedicated HT CPU core (Nehalem or better)
1024 MB of RAM
100 GB of RAID-protected storage
1000 GB of InterNAP bandwidth transfer

I wouldn’t do anything to heavy on it, but it’s certainly a nice starting point and will outperform a fair few cheap dedicateds for 1 simple SRCDS server.

Kind of Ironic, but I’m also guessing if he just wants to run a Dark RP Server he doesn’t need to buy a full dedicated server, nor does he probably have the money for it.

I am guess that, grammar has fuck all to do with running a game server. Neither is grammar any indication of having an affinity to being fair, coding or getting along with people in general.

So stop being a tool, I don’t have the worlds best grammar but I certainly don’t go around correcting people, while sounding like a idiot myself.
I’m guessing that, or I am guessing that. “I am guess that” sounds rather like a bad Yoda impersonator.

Also, on topic. NFO just opened up the EU location a few days ago.

It costs $4 more to order in the EU location, unfortunately.

I thought they always had a EU location? Unless my eyes were bullshitting me when I last checked.