Need a simple particle effect done! *pics inside*

I think it will be simple

I tried to figure out the particle editor but i just can’t grasp it.

All i need is sewer water to be pouring out of these tubes down into the water beneath them.

{artists rendition} :smug:

And here are some dimensions, not sure if they are needed but more i can help the better!

Any who. I’ll be very VERY grateful to who can do this for me! and if there is anything i can do to help please tell me

Why not use the ‘dynamic’ water?


I can take a crack at it. Do you want like a great flood kind of sewage or just kind of dripping?

why would i need something dynamic? plus the dynamic water that is out there, is the wrong color, nor the right width and would spread to much by the time it gets to the bottom. once again, no reason to use up those resources on non needed ‘dynamic’ water.


Great flood but i’ll take anything you can whip up!


Sadly i need to head off to bed.

I’ll see what I can get.

Hopefully I can get a dl link for you in the morning.

This map looks awesome! Stunning artists rendition too!

This is a real easy one. I can whip it up for you in about an hour.


Try this:

Trying it out now.


Only problems i have

It looks great so far, only problem I have with it is that it’s jetting out a little to far and isn’t quite long enough, but that isn’t the big problem…

It’s invisible from the other side.

and the front is self explanatory


Rotate it to where its pointing down.

its been pointing down.

Sorry to hijack but does anyone have the link to the dynamic water thread?>


Try search. It is a really useful tool.

This room reminds me alot of the poop sewer in Conker.

It seems to not be orientated correctly. Rotate it to 0 0 0.

As for the one-sidedness, that may fix when it’s rotated, otherwise I may need to edit the particle to change it’s orientation type.

Ok, it looks great!

I really want to use this but sadly it’s still acting 2D

Umm, is the surface wake showing too?

From the hidden angle? yes. as well as the working angle.

That’s odd. What game are you trying it in, because it worked perfectly fine in Ep2.

Ufortunitly I’m on my iPhone so I can’t do anything but, it was in gmod. I’ll try it on ep2 when I get the chance

HiddenMyst. The particles are still 2D in episode 2

weird, i opened them up in the particle editor and it looks perfect there. wonder why in game it looks 2D