Need a *simple* script for "merging" two bones of ragdolls together.

Hopefully this is the right place to ask, but basically I’m looking for a simple* tool like “Bone Merger” except between two ragdolls.

*I’m not too linguistic on lua, so I have no idea how easy it would be

Specifically, I would export a ragdoll in two pieces, both containing the “pelvis” or “root” bone, and I’d like a tool to find the bone with the same name between the two models, then move the other ragdoll to that bone “and rotate to it accordingly” and either merge, or weld the bones together so it’s treated as one essentially.

The reason for this would be to surpass source’s limits on bones and physics pieces and essentially allow for super complex models right in garrysmod.

I don’t really have any money to pay for this project, but I can provide models necessary to test it.

If you want to help and need the models add me on steam here, or PM me on facepunch.

Thank you for reading this.

Prop to ragdoll, possible.
Ragdoll to ragdoll, not possible.

Because the Source Engine’s physics engine is really bad at parenting prop to prop, parenting ragdolls would just be off the limits of source engine. Unless someone writes binary module which rarely happens.

Unless you just want the wield them not parrent them, then it is possible. But it’s going to be spazy when you move wielded ragdolls around.

They don’t spazz too much if they don’t collide, and it’s the preferred method anyways. I’m just wondering if it’s possible to weld bone to bone. (and have the positions & rotations of the bones being welded together being the same.

You can bonemerge a clientside model or a non-ragdoll prop of ragdoll onto a normal ragdoll no problem.

It doesn’t go simpler than:

  1. Parent the model of a ragdoll to a ragdoll ( model:SetParent( ragdoll, 1 ) or model:SetParent( ragdoll, 0 ) )
  2. Apply EF_BONEMERGE flag onto the model of a ragdoll.
  3. Set movetype of model of ragdoll to MOVETYPE_NONE

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I am not sure whether you can bonemerge prop_ragdoll onto prop_ragdoll, you should be able to though, but it is unnecessary expense, just make a prop_dynamic and merge it or something.