Need a Skilled lua coder For Darkrp

Ok so i need a lua coder who can do the following. I can and will pay.

1.Custom hitmenu
2.New tab menu in darkrp and a new hud.
3. Stamina bar that takes about 35 seconds to deplete
4. A court system so when someone gets arrested tehy have to go through a court system that takes about 5 - 10 minutes.
5. Something that makes people Fearrp so if a robbery happened you wouldnt just run and spawn a prop, some kind of system.
6.Custom Gun dealer ordering from home system and then get delivered.
7. some other various addons.

How much would you like to “pay”…?
By the way. 4th, 5th is more how your player’s actually “RP”

Add me on steam: “Otoris”
And if you’re serious, maybe we’ll talk.
Also, agree with above post.