Need a some skins made

Just some help with making some skins would be ok, but I’m a complete nublet. So, if anyone can help, give me a bell.

Also, what I’m trying to make is some skins for my clans zm server. So it would be clan members personal skins, aswell as some other skins, which could include survivor skins or w/e.

Questions welcome.

Ever heard of vtfedit?

Yes actually, just saw the tutorial thing. Thanks anyway.

This doesn’t mean I’m going to do them, but you didn’t give any real details on what you wanted. All you said was that you wanted a few skins for your clan, with the name of the clan on them, but there was nothing else that anyone could work on. Such as what type/ or which model? What did you want skinned on the model besides the clan’s name. If you give those details people will have a better chance to understand what you want as a request.

I’m sorry about bumbling a 2 week old thread.