Need a TuT. Difficult teleporting.

i want it were you spawn in a room. in that room, there is a door. everytime you open the door, its shows a new location. i open it the first time, i see a city. i can walk out to the city likes its actually there. i close the door. and open it again. i see the inside of a house.

how can i achieve this?

Well, you could tie every single of your outside area’s to a func_brush and all that, and then put it all inside a spawn_template, and have that spawn and delete every time you open the door. Don’t expect different environment lightnings and all that.

You could build it in the portal engine and use portals.

Otherwise you are looking at logic_relays, func_teleports and custom textures.

Build the different areas, build the spawn room, copy and paste the spawn room, attach it to each area.
Add a teleporter to each copy of the spawn room, add info_landmark entities (assigned correctly and shit), add an output to the door on each copy of the spawn room (onfullyclosed|teleport name|enable).

Of course, the teleports would be disabled by default and would disable themselves just after they enable.

This can be done for single player but it would be glitchable it multiplayer.

I just assumed that it was meant for singleplayer, as the map would be kind of boring in multiplayer.