Need a tutor.

I dont really need a tutor per say. I just need someone that I can call on for a bit of help when I run into a brick wall like im at right now. A bit of warning before hand i do ask alot of questions and i do talk alot. If anyone would like to help just add Paradox to your steam friends.


“There was a problem adding Paradox to your friends list.”

Try searching steam community for Breavement Advocates group and find me in there.

Hey, you’re the one looking for help, you should make it easy for people to find you. Just provide a link to your Steam Community page, and then it’s just two clicks for anyone who wants to help you.

Add me on SF: Isteem

Best tutor you need.

And where do you think ive been for the past 3 days? I have been all over the gmodwiki lua section but it isnt specific enough. Ive got enough i just need someone reliable that i can turn to when i hit a problem. I know any and almost all of you coders have someone you ask about stuff.

Horsey is a pretty nice person - he knows how to fix most of the shit I encounter, atleast.

Who does the guy you ask, ask?
I wish i had someone who could talk theory with me though.