Need a votemap script please

I need a script that basically pops a menu up to select what the next map will be.

The options would be generated from a list of maps and would pop up when there’s only one human left (Toxsin)

The human team name is TEAM_ARMY

It doesn’t need to be complicated.

Thank you in advance!

This might be wrong, I’m actually a beginner in Lua. But you cant check if the human team is still alive, and if they are all dead, then a derma menu pops up, with the maps to select. I probably can’t do it myself without bugs, just an idea :v:


I’ll give that a shot.

If you can wait about an hour and a half I could make this for you.

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also feel free to add me on steam

I can wait :smile:

My version broke the functions Toxsin has :frown:

it woud be great if you could add me on steam so we could work out details before i code it for you! Also, sorry if you already have and I didn’t see, I am using Vapor right now and I dont know if it supports adding users.