Need a Weapons Modeller

I need a modeller for a weapons pack. It’s going to be done on the GDCW Base, and it’s going to be a realistic one, but from a bad-ass’s standpoint.

You must be able to create realistic looking weapons, make bad-ass reload animations, have a custom weapon origin (Similar to the Customizable Weaponry’s new one), and create sleeves for each one.

Add me on Steam: TheMarxman47, or post here for more info.

So I presume you’ll discuss pay with the modeller on your steam?
Or do you hope by chance somone will do it for free.

Even with a proper payment, it should take a lot of time for a single person.


Hoping to find a bored one with nothing better to do.

If you have the skills to do this then you probably have something better to do, in fact you’ve probably got a million better things to do but don’t have time because you’re already doing like 3 awesome things at once. My advice is learn to do it yourself, in a year or two you’ll have your very own swep pack.