Need a working Gordon Freeman ragdoll.

Yes, it’s a stupid request. But why do I make it? Because every ragdoll I find doesn’t work. It spawns T shaped and craps out.

I desperately need a working HL2 Gordon Freeman ragdoll for a video. I have anticitzen one NPC, but the ragdoll doesn’t work.

And before you ask, yes I have half life 2 installed so that’s not the reason none of them work.

Do you own a legal, current version of Gmod?


It’s entirely possible. But who knows.

Dont be a smartass, its a legit question.

Yuhuh. I did say I tried everything, including anticitizen one mod… which implies I got it off of the marketplace or So why was the first response about me being a thief?

There’s like… no reason to accuse me of it. All I’m asking for is if someone has one ragdoll that works. It’s not like I’m asking for a million dollars.

And your response is to act like a smartass?

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Because that will somehow help you.

Yes because acting like a sarcastic prat is a great way to get people to help you.

How should I respond to being asked if I have a legal copy? Is your copy legal? If you accuse someone, first thing you need to do is prove your copy is legal. How’s that?

Otherwise YOU’RE being an asshole.

And, as I read through other requests, I see no one asking if the OP has a legal copy. Very fair, huh? I see a lot of people behaving like assholes, but that’s nothing new. All I asked for is ONE ragdoll. I didn’t ask you to model anything from scratch or rip something from some obscure game. I asked if anyone had ONE working Gordon Freeman ragdoll. That’s it. And it becomes a flame war.

You don’t see others asking if they have a legal copy in request threads because they’re requesting models, not asking for help/for a good model. They wanted to ask you if you have a legit copy so they make sure they’re not solving a problem for a person who pirated Gmod. You don’t have to be an ass about it, just answer it, and move on. Then they could move on to helping you out with your problem. Simple really.

Very good points but lets end this little…problem.
Here is a link to for you sir. Freeman
It shows a list of some Freeman stuff, a few are Models for you too choose. Have fun.
Glad I could help with something so simple the first reply should of been the end of it.

The reason is that you *need *a legal copy for the majority of ragdolls. Bone amounts n shit, I forgot how it works. Control your god damn temper.