Need addon! Will pay.

Hi there everybody, I want a custom addon But can anyone make an addon that adds some spore creatures from spore? Im a spore fan and I want it. I will pay 15-20 Euros atleast for this.

I want some kind of a spore mod, Adds some cool features and mabye stuff from spore. Tell me how much it will cost, Guys

You have to be more specific. Do you want the creatures as ragdolls,as props, or a complete coded mod for spore creatures? The correct term for doing so is “porting”.

I may want like 10-20 NPC Spore Creatures, Like 5 Cars, 5 Boats And 5 Spaceships. 5 Playermodels and the cars, boats and spaceships should be controlable. And atlast I may want the spore parts that I can ‘‘make’’ a spore creature. I want Galactic Adventures parts too. This may be work, I would send the links of the spore things from SporePedia and I have much much money so I will pay. The developer must say how much it would be.

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Almost forgot! I have a server and it should be server-side and auto download to the player. If its possible I would have something that you type or something that its mine and the developers name in the credits, So nobody would claim it as theirs.

Unless I screwed up when I tried doing so a few months back, it’s not possible to rip from the Spore games from my experience. Of course, this doesn’t mean somebody else hasn’t been able to.

A few other people got a spore creature from spore. So its possible

Because Spore natively exports .DAE files, so converting it to an .smd, then compiling it is easy. Though I doubt anyone is going to attempt to rewrite an entire game in lua, which probably won’t work due to source limitations anyway.