Need admin to run servers!


Why exactly don’t you give the responsibility to a clan member of yours that you trust, rather than asking a forum full of people you’ve never even been in the same game as?


I’d help, if I wasn’t administrating like 2 or 3 other servers at the same time (RCon access would have been a bonus, a risky one though). Also I don’t like sticking myself to communities too much.


With your grammar, god knows what people would WANT to do with that RCON access.

Registered and applied

xDDDDDD RTG… nuff said ;D

Do you have anything for Counter-Strike: Source? I could do an Admin position with that. I Admin’d a CS:S server for about 2 years.


Not a wise move to post something like that here. Who knows what trolls you’ll get.

It’s also not recommended to have the admin verify new members. Unless of course you are on 24/7.

Only people you’ll find here are kids and people who want nothing but bad things for your servers. But then again judging by your grammar I’d say you are a kid.

I admind’d a TF2 server until i got my powers stripped for innactivity (i was on holiday in spain). I will apply.

I will apply my account on your site is just waiting for admin approval, besides i make a great admin

i just registered for the forum and will apply for admin on the css jailbreak after its approved,i have lots of experience with css and im very active.
And i registered as:Cereal Killer

I donr have any porblem reconning your servers. I am a god admin just like you want, to.

What is the servers Ip?

You should try and get one server full before you go ahead and put up another 6.

i have registered since i am active in most source games