Need administrators and rust players to read about concerns and game improvements about updates and building.

I bought this game and loved every bit of it(except for some things). The map, how many zombies there are, crafting, resource gathering, and especially the building aspects. I have some concerns though about building and the updates that are coming out and also what’s being worked on. The improvements that are most asked for such as the replacing objects(ownership of building items that should be destroyed if misplaced) and ownership of doors doesn’t look like its being worked on in trello. The things that are being worked on are great updates but the number two things voted on aren’t in the updates being worked on. I don’t know if it is or is not being worked on but those two things should be the number two things that should be worked on since the community is most asking for them. I’m not saying anything bad about anything or anyone it’s just I would love to see those two things that are most asked for by the community is being updated regularly and if it’s not being updated or worked on to please work on them and update it. I love this game but it sucks to have one guy have the door to the house and the others be inside. When that person is not on and people are still in the house, we can’t get out because the other person only has permission. It takes away from people being able to get resources and do many other things and also we can’t play the game until that person gets on. Another update that should be worked on and out in right away is that of building ownership to where if I misplace an item, I should be able to take it off if it’s in a 5 minute period of putting it down and after that, it should be permanent. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve misplaced an item and then it ruins an good part of the house. Please implement an way to redo objects and also for more than one person be able to unlock the doors. You would be listening to the communities most wanted needs and making a lot of people happier and have a better gaming experience. I love this game and it’s now my most played game but those two things are taking away the experience of building a house and other things. Please implement it as soon as possible. Thank you for listening and if anyone can back me up on this and give input, it’d be mush appreciated.

Jesus. Wtl:dr whats the core of what you want to know?

They’ll work on combo locks and house ownership when they can. It looks like they are working on core features that need to be added/fixed first before doing not so important things.

The core is that the communities most asked for stuff is somewhat pushed aside for later

Captain, the nuclear cannon is table and is running smoothly
Thank u Corporal, tell the scientist to upgrade
But sir theres still bugs, implementing an upgrade this soon on the cannon can destroy the lab!
Nah it wont im sure its really simple and wont break anything
As u wish
Lab Explodes

But sir why are we working on a patrol helicopter that fires nukes when we should be working on the ground nuke and the needed upgrades to improve the core of stable nuclear reactor. Nuclear reactor is stable and amazing but some core experiences of say nuclear reactor should be worked on as well.
I love this game and is already one of the best games I’ve ever played, I was just confused on why the core improvements that people are most asking for are somewhat pushed aside while a helicopters being worked on more even though a fucking helicopter In the game is awesome, just liked to see the two building things being worked on as well as big fixes.

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Look at game improvements, the two most asked for are not being worked on. Nothing bad being said here just confused.

Add in thoughts community

the majority of those votes have been added quite recently, and guess what they just released an update today which allows users to connect to servers again! I would rather have the devs work on critical updates that makes the game playable. In regards to your main issue… it will be fixed in due time, they call it early access because it is just that.