Need advice for my server!

I have a gmod 10 server and i dont realy know what gamemode i should run on it and i would realy like if you guys would say some gamemodes you would play if you see the server and i take suggestions to mods to be added to the server so thanks and the server ip is: and name —Pallokala—/fin\ server

EDIT: I also need help for setting up a fastdl to my server and how can i see that i have it? if i have tried to do it?

What do you like yourself?

I dont realy know i like almost every gamemode thats why im asking from you guys to tell me some good gamemods to my server


What do you do on spacebuild? i haven payed any attention to it so explain?

You create ships, fly out into space, mine (with minning addon), blow other ships up (with gcombat addon).
Using life support you can survive in spae for a time determined by the quality of your life support setup.

I try to install it but i cant get it to work its so complicated. when i extract spacebuild2 to gamemodes folder and start my server it on and go to server i cant use “q” to open the build menu and i get errors to console all time so what should i do? plz help fast

Where do you host it? By yourself or did you buy it somewhere?

Im hosting it on my own computer:)

Do you even know how to add addons?
And gamemodes?

Addons goest to garrysmod/addons
Gamemodes goest to Garrysmod/gamemodes

No they don’t. Some do. But not all. Look in the read-me for installation instructions for that specific gamemode/addon.

Yea i always look for them and on that spacebuild gamemode it said that i put it to the gamemodes folder and then its done.
i did like that and now i have those problems i said above.

hey how do you join your server then? everytime im trying to join my serv the gmod window closes down and i get some kind of error or somtin

anyone knows how to fix that?

Well i join trought game server list and i dont know anything about that cuz i dont have problem like that so sry i cant help you:(

it says Couldnt allocate any hltv ip port when i do it anyone got a idea how to fix it?

Im not specialized to things like that im just trying to find a way to get spacebuild to work!

:frowning: bad

Okay Hippo, add me on Steam and i’ll help you. Not today, though.
I tried adding you myself, but your ID didn’t work. My ID is under my name.

I dont need spacebuild help anymore i got too annoyed so i decidet to make a zombie survival so join if you want its almost 24/7