Need advice on a server host

ok so im wanting to buy a cheap server and have found this:
does anyone know if its trustworthy and works well if not can you reccomend something round the same price?

Im looking for:
Uk server (paying in £)
Lowest slot possible (4 minimum)
can use addons (PHX, Wire ect.)

They are a decent host. The ping is really low, while you need to be careful - if you name a database as ‘Test’, they will automatically delete it. There is the occasional lagspike (Average ping goes from 40 to 100) but that does not happen often.

Short version: Good budget host.

uk game is the best hoster for people in the uk i highly recomend it

so is it easy to do? you know does it come with an admin mod installed or what. Im new to this i’ve heard about Ass mod but im unsure of anything else although thre was Admin mod where you hold x or somthing

in ass you open console and type

bind “i” +ASS_menu

ok so how would i go about upload these? (i havent bought anything yet) is it like megaupload where you select what want and click upload?

£61 a year!!! Holy shit! I am buying a server from these guys.

Just adding my two cents. Great host, with amazing Support.

This host rams their servers and is on a crap datacentre, Anyone accessing from any place other than the uk will get a very crap ping.