Need advice on fixing invisibility issue on TTT

I have managed to figure out/fix most of the issues I have found on my TTT servers since the update but I honestly don’t know where to start on one issue. Certain players see other players as invisible at times. I believe this may be one of my addons interfering with the update and here are the facts on the issue:

  1. It happens regardless of the map
  2. It happens with any player models custom or generic
  3. There is no pattern as to how many players or which players see the models as invisible- it can be one player one or many
  4. The invisible player can change his model to try to fix it but is still invisible to some
  5. Clients who see others as invisible can quit and rejoin but it doesnt fix the issue
  6. I get no errors at all when it happens, either server-side or client-side

Here is why I am having trouble tackling the issue. I have 60+ addons. The problem is not replicable. So I can’t do the usual “delete one addon at a time and see if it fixes the issue” because it is random which clients can’t see which players. Meaning I can delete one addon but then the only way to test is to let folks play on the server for a while and guess if any players saw invisible models, and then hope I was on the server when it happened and then hope they mention it.

So my question is - what do I look for in an addon that might be causing this so I can narrow it down to the culprit addon? Are there certain functions within the code that I should look for? I have searched this site and BadKing’s site but can’t seem to find the answer. Any suggestions would certainly be appreciated!

Fucking christ, research before you bother posting. This is happening to many servers. It’s an issue with the update not liking some addons. Sorry.

Did you even read the post? I said this is an addon issue after the update…my question is concerning how I go about finding the addon, since the problem is not replicable. I am asking if there is some common function I should look for in the addons’ code so I can narrow it down…

Damagelogs by Tommy228 is the most common. No other way to determine it. Again, Read other posts, not create your own. This has been answered about 5 times.

This is what I said in the post: “I have searched this site and BadKing’s site but can’t seem to find the answer.”

I will try this again and speak more slowly for you. I am looking NOT for a suggestion about what addon is causing this - I saw the posts about tommy228’s addon and I don’t have it. I am looking for a hint about what to look for, if anything, within the coding in my addons to know where to start debugging. I always thoroughly search the web and facepunch before I post here so I don’t waste people’s time. This has not “been answered about 5 times”. This has not been answered one time. If you think this has been answered “about 5 times” you need to read the posts before you make such statements on the thread of another person asking for help. And your opinion on whether I am allowed to create my own posts could not possibly be more irrelevant to me.

And I said " No other way to determine it" in my last post, you fucking idiot. Just random removing and hoping for the best. Sorry if your server “Can’t handle having to be without a few things for a few days”

Such an unhappy, insecure liitle fellow. I feel sorry for you, sonny. I am sorry if my post asking for help upset you so much. Things will get better for you, I hope, there is no shame in asking your parents or an adult for help.

That went splendidly

Odd. I come on with a specific, well-thought-out question after searching the posts for answers. I have received some great advice here before. And this kid, either can’t understand what I am saying or has trouble reading words over 2 syllables but he completely misunderstands what I am asking and starts insulting me. I know, I know. We have to make allowances for his obvious emotional and anger issues. My advice to xthenarwhalx is to calm down and take a deep breath. It will all be okay.

You don’t do your fucking research. See this fucking link? This is a SEARCH bar, I know it’s a hard concept for you to comprehend, but stay with me here, it lets you ** LOOK** for things that have already been POSTED. I know, it’s an astounding breakthrough in any website, I wasn’t sure if you’d heard of them yet.

If you had used it, you’d find a post like this: or or Most of which we specify that there is no 100% way of figuring out which one is which without removing one by one and testing.

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want a hint? Since you most likely won’t read any of those, look for NWVars.

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We’re not using any public addon on our servers and we get the invisibility bug as well. Kilburn_ mentioned it had to do with networking and he promised to be looking for a fix. If someone finds a fix, let me know!

It’s ok xthenarwhalx. Please calm down, I used the search bar so please don’t get so worked up. You should relax and not take things so seriously. I already knew about NWVars. NWVars is thought to be responsible for weapon invisibilty, no mention of player model invisibility. You would know that if you did your research. But seriously, don’t miss anymore therapy. You can’t afford to.

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I will keep looking and certainly share anything I find out with you!

You asked a question, and he provided an answer. Multiple answers. No need for you to cry about it.

Post it here if anyone finds a solution so everyone can see

if it’s just player models then that issue has been around for a long time. if you don’t precach the model, or, even worse, precach the incorrect model ( path ) this issue will start to happen.

I noticed this while I was coding my private zs gamemode, it happend randomly and there was no real indication what was causing it.

if you’re sure you gixed all the SetNW/GetNW issues then try this.

Yes, I have seen players say they have seen invisible models before too, once in a while. However, since the update it is to a much larger extent. For example, I would hear once every 20 games that someone saw an invisible model in the past but now every single game at least 2 people complain someone is invisible. And this happens on 10 different TTT servers. But thanks I will look at what you suggest!

Try updating. Apparently, haven’t checked my own server, everything is functioning again from a post I read this morning.

Unfortunately this morning’s update didn’t seem to fix this invisibility issue at all, for my servers anyway.

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I have over 40 custom player models. I can put the precache code in the individual lua files for each, I assume? But the invisibility also happens with the default models and I don’t have actual lua files for those and I don’t see they are precached anywhere. Do you know how I would handle those? Thanks!