Need advice on getting bitterskunk's Ghostbuster L4D2 models to work on Gmod

I’ve downloaded bitterskunk’s Ghostbuster survivor replacement pack for L4D2, but I want to use them as ragdolls in Garry’s Mod 13. I’ve added them to the playermodel list, to see if they would show up, and the models show up fine. They are in T-poses, but at least it shows the model. But when I try to spawn the ragdolls they don’t show up at all, and there isn’t even an invisible ragdoll to pick up. Although you can undo the ragdoll with “z”.

I understand the player models won’t work properly, due to L4D2 having a different skeleton rigging, but is there any way to get the ragdolls to show up?

Oh, and just for reference, they are all labeled as the L4D2 models. (E.G. “models/survivors/survivor_mechanic.mdl”)

EDIT: If it helps, I unpacked it using GCFScape, and placed the models and materials into their proper folders in my garry’s mod folder. Then I just used basic lua scripting to add the models to the player model list. I haven’t added any other coding, and am only able to access these models, in game, by going into the garry’s mod folder under the games folder.