Need advice on this game (Im pretty bad haha)

I really like this game a lot but there is one thing is constantly shoved into my face while I’m playing it. I am horrible at pvp :suicide:. And before anyone says just play on a pve server I want to admit the pvp aspect is what I find the most fun about this game. Every time I find myself in a gunfight I will lose. I mostly think my shittiness is attributed to my lack of understanding with the weapons in this game and the recoil. I rarely use my weapons except when confronted with another hostile player and am not the type to shoot naked’s or even someone who isn’t running at me. Does anyone have any good advice towards helping me at least be decent at this game. Maybe another game that has similar pvp combat? or just any general advice would help. Thanks

Go to those Rust “Battle” servers for a few hours where you can get weapons and ammo starter kits, this should help you to better understand the guns.