Need advice on what to do with weird texture 'shadows'

Hello all, I really need some help here, in the attatched screenshots there is a weird issue with the textures in gmod. The map is rp_littletown but the same issue persists on other maps as well, it doesn’t seem to be a server issue as it occurs on singleplayer. This issue is extremely distracting and is honestly causing me a headache, I’ve tried re-installing Garry’s Mod and have deleted and reinstalled all my addons, yet the issue still persists. Any suggestions?

Turn off Ambient Occlusion in Nvidia/ATI settings

Post your NVidia control panel settings for GMod.

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It’s definitely ambient occlusion, seen it happen several times and it also happened to me

In your IMG tags make sure the link has http:// at the start

And turn Ambient occlusion completely off

Thanks man, I’ll try that now

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Worked like a charm, thanks all :slight_smile: