Need an Alternative way to this.


I have seen many people here complain about maps which have cliffs surrounding them, so what other way could I have that would look good?

3D-sky boxes. :smug:

A 3D skybox to give the illusion that the map extends further than it does or a fence with interesting buildings behind it maybe. Or if you really want cliffs, make them good displacement cliffs and not the flat rock wall kind.

Alright. Thanks.

Episode 2 did cliffs well.

But it had a reason since it’s located in the mountains. Also, they did it well unlike most mappers.

Oh yeah, I totally agree, cliffs look stupid in all of the RP maps I’ve played. I was just showing a way that it could be done well.

Eugh, Every RP maps have terrible cliffs, they’re not hard to make either, but if used excessively they can become an eyesore, as previously suggested have fenced of areas is a pretty good way, combine that with cliffs and volumes of water and you have something nice.

large buildings + combine walls


So recreate Half Life :v:?

It really depends on the style of your map. For example, if it was a map located in a city you could surround the map with various buildings. If it was in the desert use a 3d sky box to give that “endless” sandy desert feel with some mountains in the distance.

I use Google images a lot, I would search for the style buildings/areas Im working on and look at what’s surrounding it etc…

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Is it just me or is it really obvious now that those trees up the top of the cliff model look 2d( I know they’re ment to be). It’s just I never noticed it when playing, now it just looks terrible.

Probably because you’re looking at an image and not concentrating on the strider with a gun aimed at your face.

Well, I will create some cliffs and show it to you guys. Then you can tell me if you like it or not.