Need an e2

I need an e2 that can make a thruster increase and decrease in speed at the touch of a key

You do not need a E2 for that, just a few gates.

Advanced input.

Yes but i would like it to gain speed as a toggle

we can’t read your mind, your minimalist text that may seem great to you is fucking incomprehensible to us

so you want an e2 script that toggles the speed up and down with one button? something that retarded is either impossible or possible but goddamn useless. unless you’re meaning something else, in which case THAT’S YOUR FAULT FOR NOT GETTING THE POINT ACROSS

This is how I understand it.
You have 2 buttons, if you press number 1, the speed will keep increasing until you press it again. The second button does the same thing, but it throttles down.
Is this what you want?