Need an Easy-To-Use 3d Modeling Program

And before anyone says it.
Blender fucking sucks, and so do all the tutorials.
I’ve been using Wings 3D currently, which doesn’t get the job done.
I need a good modeling program that’s free.
And it’s gotta be able to be user-friendly.
Unlike Blender.

Also, I have another question, why is it, that every single blender tutorial doesn’t say the shortcuts they are using and always has terrible quality?

SketchUp is the easiest for me and many other people but that depends on you. It cannot animate and it cannot create bones and stuff. But it’s fairly enough for static, physic and dynamic props. If you choose that one you will also need the SketchUp Plugins from the L4D or L4D2 Authoring Tools.

People say it’s not made for game modeling. That may be true but I always say: It doesn’t matter which pen you take, it just matters what you draw with it. So I created lots of content for RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 in the past and Source models today with it. It can also be used for modeling for the Cry Engine 2.

I have 3ds MAX so I have animating and bones and such down, but I thought sketch-up sucked?

… because other people said so? If so: do you also get said which music you have to like and which not? People do always turn everything into a competition once they chose a side. So if all those 13 year old kids with surprisingly much money get their “totaly auzum” programs they will tell other people that their program is the only good one and everything else is just a big pile of sh**. The same thing with everything else: consoles, games, cars, nations, … I’m a pc gamer and don’t have any console but I also like Halo, Fable, Super Mario, Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank … unbelievable, right?

So try SketchUp for yourself. If you like it, use it. If not, don’t use it. If you want to be that pathetic that you tell others what they do have to like: moan about it afterwards. 3ds Max has more functions, yes, the most programs do. But that doesn’t make SketchUp a bad program.

Massive “disagree”-icon assault incoming.

I tried it.
It sucks

Well then, try Metasequoia. At least it wasn’t sucks for me, but when you have to save the job, well that’s when the crappy part comes in: it just doesnt have the “popular” format like obj or 3ds, but a bunch of other unknown formats. luckily, it still has the .x format, and blender can transform it into obj or 3ds (sorry for this part).


Blender is probably the best free one you could use, and it’s very easy to learn and use. I’m sorry about your :downs: condition.


Sorry about your :downs: condition too.

I’ve been using 3DS Max since forever and Blender felt hard as fuck when I tried it a few weeks ago.

Milkshape 3D is fairly easy, but it’s not very powerful.

The best ones so far I have tried are wings3D and MilkShape, but Milkshape is only a 30 day trial for free.

And even that is a kinda complicated.

i bet you downloaded the program, opened it, stared on it in 5 seconds and said “this fucking sucks”

make an opinion after you’re a pro from it

You know, it’s kind of hard to become a pro if there isn’t anyway to learn it.
I hate the layout, I hate shortcuts, I like Wings because there is a menu where all the modeling options are but I hate it because it sucks for guns, it’s an organic modeler. I also hate the camera in Blender.

Goddamnit, you guys know how to complain better than you know how to model.

Here, let me help you. I make a cheat sheet every time I start up a new modeling/mapping/whatever program, because there are a few basic things I always need to learn how to do…

Here’s my cheatsheet for blender:

I hate to double post, but I wanted to add insult to injury: