need an expert to take a look at this

very recently after making a tunnel, my map has been dicking out with the light_environment again.
its gone back to a fully lit map, stretched textures, similar to last time. but nobody told me what they did to fix it. are telling me that the only errors are a skybox texture that cant be found (which can be found) and a sofa model fro hl2 that cant be displayed.
the rest is fine. and if i revert the map to before i built the tunnel, the lighting and texture errors dont go away.

would appreciate if someone could tell me what is wrong with it.


What configuration you building this in? Half life 2, episode 2 or something else?

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Well for starters your blimp brush is horribly broken and should probably get rid of it.
Have you made sure textures are aligned to world?

I took the liberty of fixing the brushes on the round tank.
Also why is there a giant gaping hole into the bottom of the map? and why is it a hollow skybox?

the gaping hole is a room under construction but you wont see it because you wont have the custom textures. the skybox IS hollow and the blimp never made any impact on the map problem-wise. everything was fine before i built the underground railway tunnel so youd think the problem would be coming from there surely?

as for the configurations, its running for gmod with episode 2 mounted so you will get a bit of everything in there.

Honestly if it’s an unfinished room you should have plugged it and delete the bottom of the skybox. it is unnecessary really.

but even then, shouldnt the skybox encase the entire map as a safety net in case of a leak?

If there is a leak you plug it. You should NEVER use a “safety net”.

someone could have told me that sooner. like, 6 years ago?

This is a great tutorial on how to keep your map optimized.

I fixed the grinder tank and the windows on top of the tower. Also cut down the useless bottom skybox and fixed all the leaks hammer could find.

Now, if you want to, I can fix the rest of the map and align all the geometry to the grid, but it will take some time.

thanks dude youre legendary. i couldnt get the cylinders fixed for crap.

i will take you up on the re aligning offer if you dont mind. i will give you credit in the final release.

You should func_Detail that blimp of yours :slight_smile: