Need an exporter for Blender of these specs

I’m using Blender v 2.49b with Python v 2.6.2. I’m looking for a suitable SMD exporter that can export rigged meshes on skeletons. I’d appreciate your help. No, I do not need help modeling for Source, I use 3ds max 2010 for that. I need the Blender SMD exporter for… other things.

Why don’t you just spend 5 seconds looking down at the threads…

" How To: Model for Source in Blender"

Learn to see.

I’m already modeling for Source with 3ds max 2010. I’m actually asking for a Blender SMD exporter for one of my TES:IV Oblivion modding projects. I plan on working on the mesh in 3ds max 2010, but there are as of yet no .NIF importers for it–there are however, some for Blender.

I just need a suitable method of movng whole skeletons and rigged meshes from one program to another. I think the strategy of Blender Nif import>HL2 SMD export>3ds Max 2010 SMD import>Working of meshes>Release 3ds max NIF exporter could work, but I’m trying to work it out. Beats waiting several years for 2010 compatibility for programs.

A bit of scrounging around on their community websites may yield an answer eventually though, but for the most part it’s generally “oh, you have the latest version of max? No compatibility for it yet.”

I did try using the *.FBX exporting option in Blender to make the transfer, but I found dummies where the bones at the end of the heirarchies should be. Is there any way I could either turn the dummies into bones in 3ds max, or choose to export the end bones as bones in Blender?

I should’ve named my thread something more specific. Could a moderator clean up my title to facilitate the thread?

So, why not just use blender. Why waste your time going from program to program. Seriously…

I’ve bought 3ds max, and I love it. I’ve tried Blender, and the user interface makes me go cross-eyed. I really don’t want to learn Blender, but if that’s the only way then I’ll just have to try harder.

Did you even read what windwakr’s reply was? First damn post here

I did, but I didn’t actually know there was a thread with that exact title. Had Windwakr put a URL tag on it to make it clickable or just placed the link in parenthesis, I would’ve taken the advice. Thanks for helping out.

I still despair at using Blender, but I’ll learn it in my spare time.

np, thought a link might help :slight_smile:

I’m also not a big fan of Blender can’t get the scripts to run for some reason… Much prefer using Milkshape ^^

Do you have Python? The scripts only run when you have installed the version of Python for which that version of Blender is compatible. For example, I have Blender v2.49b, but it wll not work for the newset version of Python. The reason for this is because it was meant to work with Python v2.6.x, the “x” being any small update that happened for that particular version of Python. Any plugins that were for previous or newer version of Blender and Python instead of the one you have won’t work.

Also, if you have Windows Vista (like I do), try installing touchy programs like that in a custom directory, such as "C:*Custom Programs**"*. That’s to keep UAC from acting up and keeping you from using anything effectively.

Ya, sorry for the rude reply, but the thread is right there on the first page. I hope you get everything working good.

Thanks for helping. Your first reply actually did shock me since I honestly didn’t need help modeling for Source, but the thread you mentioned is helpful for learning how to model in Blender. As for the TESIV game engine, I’ll look through Bethesda’s developer wikis and come up with some conclusions myself. Most people who mod that game, the one before it, and the Civilization game series of the similar model format use Blender, but I’ve always been more of a Source Engine and 3ds max person.

I’m actually impressed you made a VTA exporting plugin. I use wunderboy’s, but more variety is good. There’s also an exporting plugin for Blender mentioned in the thread, so in case learning how to use the program doesn’t work for me–unlikely due to the great tutorial–I could attempt my overly complicated transfering cycle.

Thanks for you help. I’m sure this thread can be closed now.

Aha you BOUGHT 3ds max. Hahaha fail.

I got it for $400 with MotionBuilder and MudBox. Permanent student license. It only cost me some hours salery, which is more than what you could probably say. You better pray your parents feel like sending you to college instead of saving the money for things that will actually not be a waste.

Besides, when I was doing Source modeling in 2008-2009, Blender only had a measly exporter which could barely do anything but props. Now full ragdolling and morph capabilities are here.

First I am paying my way through college. Secondly, why would you spend 400 dollars for something that you could torrent in 10 seconds? Seriously.

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Scholarship–free tuition 16k for 4 years. Also, I don’t do pirating. Like I said before, Blender was seriously limited due to lack of plugins back then. It was either XSI mod tool, Maya, or 3ds Max. Likewise, Blender’s interface is dull to look at yet complicated just to do simple things max does.

How is buying a program fail? Unless you are TRYING to suggest :yarr:, which isn’t terribly recommended. Anyway, I hope you can find a good solution to your issue here.

I already found the solution to my issue, hence why I said the thread was closed before that pirate ingrate bumped the thread. It’s thread closing time.

And I am getting 18k for 3 years from an art scholarship, what is your point? And Blender is very VERY simple. Just because it doesn’t have a picture of what the button does, doesn’t make it complicated. Max is 3d for kids.

You are now contradicting your first quote:

I do admit that first appearances of Blender are intimidating but are negligable once you get good tutorials. But like I’ve said several times already, Blender had a lack of good tutorials and plugins, so MilkShape 3d, XSI mod tool, and 3ds max (version 8 only) were in favor due to the many resources available. Also, UI interface is limited to more besides pictures; you can’t click on things to select them in Blender, and general operations are harder to start from the many menus and lack of mouse pointer functionality in start things from within the 3d screen space.

If you choose to spend your time learning Blender than doing other things, congratulations on your accomplshment. For people like me, I think a little money is a good investment for such a valuable set of programs and the 3rd party resources that accompanied it. Blender just wasn’t good enough back then. Now it is, but it’s too late for that.

Question has already been answered. Go post in someone else’s thread, your comments are not helping me any or changing my mind about anything, and are just bumping up a thread which needs to pass for others.

Ok, I didn’t read all of this but from what I see no one has given you a script. If I’m wrong kill me, I’m just lazy :stuck_out_tongue:
That might be what you need, I use it.
It should tell you how to use it too if you need it.