need an inspiration.

hi. i have the knowledge to make any map that comes to mind. one problem, my mind is lacking creativity. any thoughts?

A 20 stories tall office building with a conference room with breakable windows.
Also, an elevator.

ok. floor 1 lobby
2 storage
3 security
4-14 officies.
15 bathrooms
16 security
17 fileing room
18 confrince room
19 CO CEO office.
20 CEO office.

A parking garage with motorcycles would be awesome too.
Perhaps some stunt ramps, but i don’t know if that would fit in the scenery.

a parking garage would fit. but i dont have a motor cycle model.

A boat in frozen ice. The boat is tipped upwards a bit and you have to go inside and find something at the other end of the boat that is under ice.

You could make a few interesting puzzles with the interior being kind of sideways. Perhaps one where a window breaks and the room fills up with water and you have to get out of the room before you drown.

i can make the map strait first. then tilt it. as for the water rushing in, ill have a water brush rise, put a push brush in the window untill the room fills.