Need an MB file or tutorial on TF2 modding.

I’m looking to either:

Have/make/download a fully functional valve biped character for Motion Builder (Mine will not bake for a reason unknown but well-googled by me) - OR - attain a decent tutorial on how to use the Maya reference character/crowbar/whatever to do an overhall on Scout’s model as I do possess a MotionBuilder template for him.

Either path is effectively the same, as I plan to mostly use original/converted motion sequences. I have some custom weighted models I need to apply to either the valve or tf2 biped. It would be a huge help to have this as I want to incorporate SFM into my animation testing.

I have heard of an FBX importer floating around, but I am unsure if it allows for a rigged one. I’ve heard it does not.

Again I specifically need: 1. A pipeline for an overhall of scout.mdl or his maya reference -or- 2. A tutorial/download for a Motion Builder valve-biped.

Thanks a lot guys. I wanna help the community out with some mocaps as soon as they are cleaned up.