Need an opinion on a barricade-sort-of-thing

So, i need an opinion on a barricade-sort-of-thing im making for a secret little mapping project.
It’s supposed to look like it was thrown in place to keep something out (or in), and i want to design it so you can hop over but not back. (there’s gonna be secrets back there :ssh:)

And before you ask, here’s a little hint. :ssh:

Put some Klener and Alyx ragdolls strewn across the top.

Barricade screams temporary, hastily assembled to me, that breeze block wall looks very permanent.

Done and done, the barricade is now wood, and i -attempted- to put a ragdoll ontop of it.
But of course, i failed.

As you can see, Kleiner is having a wonderful time.

You can also see some of the barricade in the video to. Ignore the shiney sign, i didn’t build cubemaps yet.
IMO it’s perfect for the OIFY

I think you need a little less signs.

The OIFY is not barricaded. The road needs to cut away to a pit of fire and doom instead, with the OIFY very visible on the opposite side.

There must be furfags in the pit of fire and doom. :smiley:

And spammers.

I’ll get right on it!

awesome! :smiley:


someone needs to make a model of a fat guy in a fursuit now! :stuck_out_tongue:

Eh, i could just shove a few kleiners’ down there seeing how there aren’t any furry models around

Just take a photo of a dead furry and use the photo as a texture on the bottom of the pit.

Erug, that wouldn’t look good. I was thinking more along the lines of having that HL2 green toxic goo down there w/ fire and dead things

someone NEEDS to make a dead furry model/ragdoll. They will receive over 9000 internets for that!

As long as something epic. Like some cake? ( Pssh who you calling unoriginal? )
is on the otherside. Random pictures of unthinkable horror?

On the other side, AKA OIFY side, maybe.
But they’ll have to be blockable/toggleable

Have you ever looked at a real barricade?

Eeehh, I think i’m taking the barricade out in favor of the giant death pit