Need an Optimizer?

Hey guys I’ve been bored lately and i am really good at optimizing levels with 80 plus players. If you need help with it just send me a message.

aren’t you the guy that killed catisland

What exactly does optimizing mean?

Exactly like what optimizing sounds like it means.

Optimizing a verb of optimization. It basically means various of tool brushes are being placed into the editor and on compile, helps a stage (VVIS) work faster by reducing time for calculating visibility. It is also benefiting by increasing frame rates by not rendering areas unseen from the player.

It’s a very tedious task but can reap big rewards and help expand the map to slower computers.

I dunno, is he? On-topic though, what is the point of this thread really? Sure it’s about you asking people if they need optimization help, but shouldn’t that be something a person asks for, not a person offering it to nobody in particular?

Hey if your still feeling like helping the first random person who asks you, I have a giant WW1 map that is only getting 63FPS on a good day :(. Heres a few pics of it:

(Insert two extremely large pictures because I am too lazy to resize them)