Need an RP gamemode

I’ll need a RP gamemode for my server which would include:

  • Cars which are possible to be put into your inventory and then used from there, and also picked up when wanted.
  • Guns (as most of them already got these)
  • Easily modified classes (So I can change their salary and etc)
  • Doesn’t save characters to db (If theres none with this I’ll bare with the DB then)
  • Has a donator system (So I could somehow earn cash for running the server)

Thats mostly it.
I know theres gamemode called cider which includes Gun and Donator system. Theres some things I don’t like at it. First off I can’t get it to work with my dedicated server because of the database bugging somewhy (works on Listen Server fine). Also I didn’t find a way to modify classes.

  • Cider doesn’t include cars.

Anyone know any RP gamemode which would include these? I know it would be probably easy to add cars to any gamemode, but as I am not any great coder of lua, and am still learning it, this is way too complicated for me. As I would like it to be possible to lock and unlock the doors of cars so nobody would just go and take someones car from the street.

Try out DarkerRP. We’re just beta testing it at the moment…

It has a car dealer job, it does save characters, but they are saved to a text file. You can give different priveleges to the players via tooltrust, etc… paying members can get more privs.

Alright, I’ll give it a try. Although what I’ve seen not much players like DarkRP that much because of the RDM. But I’ll try that. Thanks.

I tried out this DarkerRP Beta 2, but what I found out, you can’t see how much tokens you got. When players are walking they are like standing, not walking.
Also when in car, the character ain’t sitting, hes standing.
You can’t pickup any items, don’t know why.

I know I maybe shouldn’t expect much from a Beta gamemode, but I am trying to get a good gamamode which really works.
Cider is the best one I could find so far. Although I don’t know how could I add cars into it. Most of the players like cars so much.

Animations requires certain models installed, please read the download page.

You don’t press E to pick up items, you press TAB, right click and click Use Item

Alright, I forgot to do the part on the bottom since I unistalled my whole server.

How about cars? Can I pickup them into my inventory so they wouldn’t needed to be bought like many times?

I don’t think so… imagine stuffing a car into your backpack?

Main idea is rich people can buy them (token printer whores) XD But also it keeps the economy under control since the money goes away again.

Make a garage place on the map, when you use it , it would function like a extra inventory ( storage? ) and you can only store vehicles in it and it would save like the inventory. That way you don’t have to keep re-buying vehicles.

hmm… it’s a good idea… but could be a bit tricky to implement…

Use SQL or File.Write

Duplicate the inventory system, change values. Done.

When it loads the inventory, loads the storage. Easy.

Don’t use a cliffhanger title please. They are undescriptive.

This would be a great idea. Or also player made garages? People can rent out space in them?

what about a schoolRP i know it sounds gay but it could work

I’ll rephrase that… it’s a nice idea, I value your input, but I don’t want to do it, sorry… but by all means if you want to do it, feel free :smiley:

Just warning you, no-one will donate, you’re not TnB, so don’t expect to get any money. I’m not flaming, just letting you know that there are thousands of RP servers, people will donate to the bigger, better ones and play there with donator priveleges.