Need an RP Server To Play On

Hey everybody im new to the forums but am a very experianced gmod player.
i just got back into rp and i was looking for suggestions on Dark Rp Server i cud play on! Perferably Rp_Downtown_V2 or Evocity or somewhere along those lines.
Please Respond


Try this:

who let this douche in

The correct question is: who let the OP in?

Ding Ding Ding, we have a winner!
Too bad I dont even know the answer to that myself.

You can come play on my RP server :h: is the IP

It goes from build to RP and back whenever people decide they want RP or build. Currently having some problems with Exsto, so if you want to RP on it I’ll have to restart the server. Our map rotation (or ones we have available) are Rp_downtown, Oviscity, Construct and Flatgrass. Since this isn’t like a clan server, most of the stuff on here is negotiable with a few kinds words to me.

Join this server its a good Roleplay server!


TG Cider Two Lite Roleplaying.
Pretty fun when people get their arses on -_-

Features. Inventory, Attributes, Character Creations, Sql, Weapons show on back… Yea.

If you prefer a more ‘Serious’ Environment then use our serious server when it is up at

HL2Land is one of the most active and fun RP servers. Lately they’ve been taken over by terrorists known as the Urban Militia.

All i have to say is, don’t join anything that uses dark rp…

Only 'cause your friends suck at using it, dosn’t mean it’s bad. DarkRP requires some intelligence, it’s not just another install/run gamemode.

Ive seen you on 1942 rp that uses dark rp. Ive seen you on other Darkrps too.

It is and install then run gamemode. :colbert: darkrp on rp_c18 with 40 slots
The server is full most of the time and its fun, the food mod is on and I think that makes a huge difference in goals. There is no PHX/WIRE and admins do actually help you if you get killed by douches. As a mayor you can do the laws and the CP actually do what you tell them and if you get killed by a someone who isn’t a cop you loose your job. (If you are a mayor)

Uh… Sure it is…

Whatever you say :smile:.