Need animation and skilet small child for CSS

Hello guys!

I need animation and skeleton for small child (~14 years) for Counter-Strike:Source.
For example (The first model on the left):

Sorry for my bad English.

I’m not sure you’re going to be able to fit a child on a Valve biped considering it’s designed for adults [with floppy noodle arms]. You’d have to scale the children up to fit the biped, which might look a little strange. On the other hand, you could probably go back and scale the model in-game using coding, but I have no idea how it’d work in CS:S as opposed to GMod simply using lua.

actually you could reshape the valve biped to fit the model, animations will just mess it up.

If you do that, why not import, rescale and export the hundreds of animations?

Oh wait…

Increasing the model for the bones are not very good.
That is nowhere to be found animation and skeleton for a small child for CS:S?

How did you fuck that up so badly. I’ve never had any issues with scaled animations before?

Не skilet, а skeleton.
Чтобы ребенок работал правильно и со стандартными анимациями, можно просто его увеличить в Максе, а затем с помощью каких-нибудь плагинов или скриптов уменьшить его.

Ага, спасибо.
Не мог бы ты помочь с этим делом?
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CS:S has no children in it at all, so making hundreds of animations for them would be a huge waste of time.

What I meant was scaling them up to fit the skeleton and animations properly, but scaling the player down in-game later.

Ex: Here’s a [badass cleaning maid] Elin from Tera.

To fit her properly on the rig, she’d need to be scaled up to an adult height and rigged that way. Once it’s a playermodel, it can be scaled down from 1 to 0.75 in-game so it’s returned to a child-like size.

As long as you ensure the keyframes are all scaled, there aren’t any issues. This happened just by importing the animation used for “act dance” a long while ago, and I saved it as a gif for the fun of it. I could probably rescale the animation properly the way it is, but I don’t think anybody actually wants a dance that looks like someone being sucked into a black hole; let alone scaled down.

Thank you, if I alright understand you, else I must to increase the skin for skeleton. And to reduce the skeleton and animations with models in 3D Max, right?

There’s actually a tool in the SDK that can rescale anims I think, not entirely sure though. The problem is that to make a child skeleton you can’t just globally rescale the whole thing, but you have to deal with different proportions a child has compared to an adult.

If you rescale the model though, won’t that affect it’s collisions in game?

Will not be affected, I’m think.

That’s exactly the only con to having a child model, though I think the collisions have to be scaled separately with the way GMod handles it. I have no idea about how CS:S would handle it.

I guess there are different ways to handle it though. If you take League of Legends for example, the yordle champions all have enormous clickable heads. On the other hand in a game such as Gears of War, all of the characters are scaled appropriately in multiplayer to make it as fair as possible.

Well the problem with CS:S of course is that you can’t cheat with lua, you could try using $scale in your .qc file. Not sure if it will work though.

Sadly, no. CS:S has all kinds of mods; what I meant was that I know it’s possible in GMod, but I have no idea if it’d be possible in CS:S unless you know your way around the code it uses for modding and such.

As for $scale, it just scales down the model itself, then stretches it back up to fit the skeleton.

Yea this has to be the easieit way, but this seems to limit you. Mainly because children have a different anatomy and stuff.

Now what you could do is redo every animaiton, but that requires a lot of time, and your animations probably will not look as good.

Yea motion mapper I have never been able to get working.

Personally I feel motionmapper needs a whole new re-coding done on it. I have never gotten that thing working, even on stuff that was proportional. I find it funny that it doesn’t have support for younger characters and you can retrieve the half life 2 children.

Most of the anatomy differences are small enough to fit, aside for the arms. That much is pretty much going to look bad on the source animations anyway, though. The larger head and such shouldn’t make much of a difference.

Whut? Anatomy differences between kids and adults are fairly huge. Honestly you’re much at trying to decompile the default skeleton animations, scale the whole thing on a per need basis to atch the anatomy without affecting the rotation angles (should work imho) and recompile.

The differences shouldn’t be large compared to the scaling you’ll have to do on the skeleton is what I mean (even though I’m still wording it poorly). If you scale the skeleton as a whole, the only issue is that you’ll be importing, scaling, and exporting a few hundred animations at the least, and hoping the QC isn’t butchered too heavily from the decompile process. Not to mention, doing all that along with adjustments to compensate for “proper” child-like proportions is going to take ages.