Need answer ASAP about decay

Hello, and thanks in advice to the one who’ll be able to help me.

I Just made a big house and i’ve set up foundations scattered around the house to prevent stairing, and many foundation are not connected to the house.

I’m experiencing BIG PROBLEMS with decay, i had a set of 3 pillars on the middle of a foundation not attached to the house, yesterday night @ around 12.00 am that pillar on top was quite “black” so i repaired it full hp before loggin out.
Today, something like 15hours later, i logged in again and ALL THOSE THREE PILLARS in the middle of that foundation were gone for decay so i have NO DEFENCE against stairing up so i can’t “force” people going through doors.

Ther’s nothing very clear about decay system,but my opinion (correct me if i’m wrong) is that 24 hours after u place a foundation not attached to the structure, decay starts, no matter if you heal the pillars, they will CONTINUE INSTANTLY decaying without the 24h timer because u dont “refresh” them opening a door.

SO, is there a way to prevent this thing? or stairing up will be the strongest raiding system? :smiley:

If i have this foundation alone,place 2/3 pillars in middle, then i place 2 pillars in the corner with a doorway and a wooden door, will i reset the timer?

ty very much

Place a camp fire on the foundation, turn it on and off. This is the cheapest way to prevent decay. What you should do is use metal foundations and pillars, they are pretty common on zombies. Metal structures give you 4 days before decay starts.