Need "Armbrust" Model


Just wondering if anyone here would happen to have a “Armbrust” model? It would mean a great deal to me if you could post it.

It looks great but i dont think you can use it in gmod


I really don’t know what your talking about, friend.

that’s why he is asking!



Use Black Mesa’s RPG. It’s an Armburst.

Barely. The original HL1 RPG was very loosely based off the Armbrust but the BM:S version looks nothing like it.[/t]

Look close enough to me.

I’m not trying to be rude but that doesn’t at all look like a “Armbrust” as the only thing that closely relates is the muzzle and that is barely similar.

Well, do you want to model it yourself?


I really don’t know how to do that! Guy.

Then you have incredibly low standards for finding lookalikes. The scope is different, the entire grip assembly is different, and the cage thing on the front is different. The only real similarity is that they’re both green tubes that fire rockets.

And besides, that’s not the BM:S RPG model. That’s the old model that isn’t actually available anywhere. This is the one that’s actually in the game:

Considering how many request threads you’ve been making, it might benefit you if you actually learned how to model or port stuff yourself.

To me it looks similar enough, but if he doesn’t want to use it his problem.

Hey Guys!

Problem, i have decided i should buy it instead however i can’t find a 3D store selling it.


If no-ones gonna fulfill your request, as kali said “it might benefit you if you actually learned how to model or port stuff yourself.”!

Besides, why do you need the Armbrust anyway?


fair enough, you don’t need to make a phys model thingy.