Need assistance setting up a Skill Surf server (SQL Help)

I have downloaded skill surf from the Flow gamemode pack. I have a decent understanding of Lua but I know pretty much nothing about mySQL and it confuses me.

Here’s the scenario:
I have a server using a server host, I have followed the Flow gamemode instructions as clearly as I possibly could.

Everytime I attempt to join my server it get the following error message:

I have tried editing my sv.db file using a program called ‘DB Browser for SQLite’ and added my details as an admin.

Sorry if this is hard to understand, I’m not too sure how to explain it properly.

Any help is appreciated.

You missed this in the README.txt:

Yeah I read through that but I don’t think I understand, would you be able to explain it roughly? What does the database stuff mean?

It means you need a database that is setup correctly to run whatever you are trying to run.