Need Awesome pistol skin

I need someone to either teach me or make me an awsome pistol skin…i am making ym first swep…and if you skin wins(and i will make more pistols in future soo i may come and look for more)I will put you in for thanks with the wepaons and also mark you down as a co-creater…im waiting for a skin and someone to put as a co-creater for the weapon before upload…deadline is 3 days fromt today…thats tuesday…at 12 Pm the contest thingie will close…Good luck…and plz help me=)

English, please.

awesome pistol skin

It is in english…ima quick typer soo theres a few mistakes…and thats not the kind of skins imean, i mean for people who make gun skins like kermitethefrog…make me one and i will use it and put ur name as a co-creater and in thanks…

that was really shitty of you

KermiteTheFrog used skins from FPSBanana. He just hexed them.

oh…well thanks hakita…ill look into it…

Thanks evryone for your posts i guess thats all…thanks!