Need Beta key pm me for one please

Please PM me for one

(User was banned for this post ("crap thread/no begging" - postal))

I see a ban in the future.

People still make these threads…? :suicide:

Don’t forget the other part of the cycle.

can an admin please close the thread

hi im in the list

(User was permabanned for this post ("Thanks for the heads up. Alt of csi_d00d" - postal))

Can you please pm me for the beta key ive been seeing videos on your game and it looks amazing. also it is sad that there is already hacks for this game :frowning:

please close this


I see a ban in the future.

what the hell? im in the list

Did you read what was said above? They are posting a list of a ton of people joining all at once.

I think Facepunch needs some type of flood control, because the purpose of invite only is ineffective when the new users invite new users invite new users. I think about a month delay (or more) should be instituted until a new member can make an invite, so we do not all have to see the newest started threads flooded with “BETA KEY” “Send me a beta key” “rust key” “ATTENTION GARRY I WANT FREE RUST KEY”

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Or a colossal surge of cats.

ive already asked postal to DDT/lock/whatever he needs to to close this and nothing yet