Need BlackList tab for Garrysmod.

I really liked tf2’s blacklist tab and if it can be put in garrysmod that’d be awesome so that I can finally blacklist all the FUCKING RP SERVERS CLOGGING THE VIEW.


Oh and if it’s possible a gamemode filter would be great.

I’d like to see this too, too many darkrp’s and sandbox’s.

Last I remembered, someone developed this but removed the link because they thought a module could actually get you VAC banned.

I agree, but for now if i want a build i type in gm_ or the map i want.

Does Garry even read in this forum? Where do I send this request?

There’s no VAC in GMod.

Yea.If there was everyone who used noclip would get banned since noclip needs to have sv_cheats on 1 and noclip itself is a cheat.Same goes for no damage and shit like that xD

No it isn’t.

LF Someone that knows what they are talking about…


Oh hey, your my new best friend.

All you need to do is click on the game field in the server browser. Now everything’s sorted by game, just scroll down to the gamemode you want.

Strange…From what I know Noclip and God mode need to have sv_cheats set to 1 to be activated (but dont need it to be set to 1 to keep being active wich makes them REALY useful for episode 2 achies xP)…guess I was wrong!
P.S. What does “LF” mean!?