Need Coder A Brand New Flood Mod

Hello guys,
I need a coder that can code a gamemode for a Gmod clan have more than 300 members :).If you think you can help add tuvan121 from steam.

There has already been a remake of Flood mod. Have you tried it?

I would like proof about his community of over 300 members. I don’t believe him.

Get out.

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming" - UberMensch))

1-Yes I have tried the normal flood
3-If you arent here for help just get out -.-

Close the door on the way out

Yes remake the remake?

The thing i am planning is much different (money system,maybe teams,a lot different hud etc.)

There is already money in Flood as far as I remember as you could buy weapons couldn’t you?

Also I really hate your template you chose randomly for that website if I am honest. :c
Something about people doing it from scratch makes me more interested in helping out because I know the person running the place has a clue.

Yeah website isnt mine its the clans owners I am going to host this mod for Friendly Players ,also I know there is money and weapons in flood but i want the change the way to earn money and make some diff weapons

What do you have to offer?

MadDog has a good point, Why should we remake flood for you? Just because you have a 300 member count doesn’t make you better than my 26 member group.

What do we get for doing it?

I offer you to be Super Admin on this server

Just… Super Admin?
I don’t think it’s that useful on such gamemodes.

Well, It code be. You have to remember that the person who codes it could make him self superadmin any way just by adding a few extra lines of code. And god knows what esle.

Yeah I know so I may pay some money BUT NOT much

If you knew then why did you say it :P. And you do know the newest flood says how to and your own guns and props. all you have to do is add them to a list, Hell its so easy a cave man could do it.

I can add custom props and weapons but i need more than it just s me if oyu can help ^^

up :S

So i take it you have nothing to offer then? Super Admin is a joke for someone to spend days (if not weeks) on a decent gamemode.