Need coder for gamemode pitch

So I would like to make a custom rp, with auto donations chat tags like 8 f4 tabs and tons of other stuff like npc’s.
Here’s the catch it takes place in 3010 so all weapons are futeristic. Level system’s and super drugs.

20-35 usd

  • super admin on all my servers
    mabe like 10% of all donations.

8 f4 tabs? Man, you off da hinges! I’m gonna jump on your server right away!

Another thread “I got an idea, do it for me”

20-35 USD? RP gamemodes can cost up to 100+ USD. 20-35 would get you a minor DarkRP reskin here.

Yes understand but i’m just asking for help with it i can code a little lua, just not a lot so if you could help me… just add me on steam M1lf.
or search [edmg]
and my name might come up.


i can’t wait to get started for maybe 10% of not a lot